Flex Wheeler – THE MIND IS THE STRONGEST MUSCLE – Bodybuilding Motivation

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Flex Wheeler – THE MIND IS THE STRONGEST MUSCLE – Bodybuilding Motivation

You can't buy this You can't give this to an athlete It just has to be embedded in you He just grabbed it, ran with it and believed in it And that's just what athletes do, and a lot of the times they don't understand that The mind is so much more superior than the body Probably one of the greatest things I learnt from Flex When we were in there training, he took me places I've never been And I've been squatting 800 pounds for almost every week for years And when I went to train with Flex

We were leg pressing 6-8 plates on a side I used to do 16-20 plates, stack people on top But the volume with the minimized rest periods took me to a place that my cardiovascular conditioning had never been before You understand how important strong the mind is

It's so important that you climb into your mental Where the mind goes the body will follow And there's that point at which you start wondering if you're gonna be able to get your next breath Mentally tough, there's no quit!! Listen man, get away from everything, shut down Time and side yourself and get mental

Tap into that mental part If you're sitting around looking at everything that you can't go there You gotta walk away, close your eyes, shut down and get mental

Get inside yourself, and don't come out till it's over with Why would I train and close my eyes when I'm doing curls? Because it's like a mind-muscle connection I wanna shut everybody else out, I don't wanna see the girl So you wanna try to create that on demand

Especially for a body type that you can't see, like your back or hamstrings I 100% believe in myself like I never have in anything else whatsoever And I think my physique and routine will display that a 100% It doesn't matter what you place in front of me I'm gonna look at it as an object that I can handle

That's been 100% the key To everything So I didn't cheat, I didn't run from my diet and my training was through the roof, my weight is just ridiculous and I'm ready to display that We respected Arnold and the people who came before us, so we understood the HARD WORK A real champion is trying to win and I wanna beat the best guy in his best condition so there's no excuse

I believe in myself as an athlete, I believe that I'm number one I believe in myself, and only myself Where the mind goes the body will follow Such tremendous heart, there is no quitting