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What is it?

Buy Trenbolone Enanthate – It is a complex anabolic steroid with an attached ester. It is preferred because of its frequency of injection. Also It needs to be injected once a week or after every 4-5 days. It is commonly used for performance enhancement in athletes but performs functions of protecting lean muscle in livestock as well.


This drug is a very powerful product in building muscle mass. So, when you are dieting and controlling the calorie you take in, this drug gives fat-burning advantages. When you gain lean muscle, you burn fat. With more muscle comes more strength and endurance. It also increases the metabolic rate. Hence, it leads to rapid fat loss. This product also increases the hardness of the body and changes vascularity. This leads to better physical capability. In most cases, there is no negative effect on cardiovascular health. The person taking the drug becomes leaner. The overall effects of this drug depend on each individual taking it. In some cases, it might lead to acne, male-pattern baldness, and an increase in body hair.


  • Good for tissue repairing: This drug increases the manufacture of protein. Protein is a necessary ingredient in building muscle mass. And repairing the tissues as well. Protein is very important in the growth phase. And building up protein also provides an anabolic environment. It also has nitrogen retaining properties. 16% nitrogen is present in tissues, which is very important for their repair and rejuvenation.
  • Boost RBC production: There is an increase in Red Blood Cell count. Red Blood cells carry oxygen in the body. More RBCs means more oxygenation. Better oxygenation leads to better endurance.
  • Stimulates growth hormone: This drug increases the amount of growth hormone produced by the liver. These growth hormones are very critical in the growth phase. This drug also reduces stress hormones. Stress hormones decrease body endurance and strength.
  • Good for weight loss: Also, these hormones promote weight gain. By reducing these hormones, this drug helps in the fat-burning process. This product also increases metabolism. Hence, it helps in leading to rapid weight loss. This makes you leaner while protecting lean muscle mass.
  • Improves nutrient value: This drug also increases the nutrient value of every morsel of food we take in. When we eat food, not all the nutritional value is utilized. But this product elevates the worth of all the nutrients we ingest. This medicine also helps in lipolysis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat. So, it helps in burning fat.


No Stacking Info available with Buy Testosterone Cypionate, please see other products: Testosterone Enanthate Testosterone Propionate


For beginners, this is usually given in 200-400mg per week range. For advanced purposes, 500-800mg per week. The length of the time period for which it is taken is around 8-12 weeks.

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    Good stuff!

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    Much better then deccan as far as product goes Norma so far hasnt shown me anything negative I have had some products that feel dirty I would break out bad. When I switched to Norma it stopped

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    Definitely awesome quality

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    I am very pleased with this product

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    Quality product and good pricing.

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    I won’t be running this until later this year. Hopefully by then the gyms will be open and not shut down due to COVID.
    I have used in the past and love it.

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    Nice and orange, always good quality and very fast shipping.

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    Just started. Cant wait to see the results

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    Great products

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