What Are The Different Types Of APEDs?

What Are The Different Types Of APEDs?

If you are the one, who care for your look and use cosmetics, you must have heard about APEDS; So, what exactly this stands for? This is short form for “Appearance and performance enhancing drugs” (APEDS), which are mostly used by males to improve their look by building muscle mass and to enhance their athletic performance.

If you have not used them, you should know that they are legal steroid; clinically tested and proven. Some people get a doubt and assume that we are talking something illegal when it is steroid. They should know that steroids are distinct from other drugs such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana, as they do not produce high euphoric feelings. However, like any other drugs, you should not become addictive to it; when they are uses for longer period, users may face adverse consequences.

The most common steroid in demand is Anabolic-androgenic steroids which boost the confidence and strength of user. Despite having all the benefit, few criticize them and blame the steroid for getting severe, long-sting, irreversible damage to health, which is not true. Any health issues come only if you are not following proper dose.

Anabolic androgenic steroids are used to treat delayed puberty, muscle loss due to any health disorder and to treat low male sex hormone levels i.e the testosterone levels in men. It is also used to improve the feelings of a person to stay fit, increase bone strength, etc. It is very common to treat mood swings and relationship and performance problems associated with male aging using the testosterone-supplementation therapy; even younger men are prescribed with the same treatment.

Steroids are famous among all sportspersons and as per the study, it is most common with competitive athletes followed by weightlifters and bodybuilders.

We will have quick look on few steroids which are in trend:

Non-Steroidal Anabolics:

These anabolic includes insulin, insulin-like growth hormone (IGF) and human growth hormone (HGH). Such hormones are naturally produced by the human body but in some situation where your body lacks the production of hormones, you will be prescribed with such steroids. These steroids are only for legitimate medical uses, but it can also be taken for performance enhancement.


These compounds are taken to reduce the body fat; so, this reduces the muscle mass and help for leanness of muscle in endurance athletes. The three main categories of ergo/thermogenics include Xanthines, Sympathomimetics and Thyroid hormones.


Xanthines are compounds that increases your attention and suppress the appetite. Examples are caffeine, the asthma drug theophylline, and theobromine, a substance found in chocolate, coffee, and tea.


Epinephrine are natural substances present in our body and this drug acts similar in nature to these natural chemicals. They promote weight loss and used as dietary supplements to promote weight loss, energy improvement and enhanced athletic performance.

Thyroid Hormones:

This compound acts similar to the thyroid hormones present in human body. The best example is Cytomel, a substance that regulates metabolism by means of altering the functions of the thyroid.

If you take any nutritional or dietary supplements, you can consume them in combination with the above-mentioned APEDs.

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